Saturday, June 23, 2012

Port Gamble, WA

I went on one my road trips, heading toward Port Angeles, WA. Well as luck would have it, being from the Pacific Northwest, the weather was not cooperating with me. There was a torrential down pour that lasted at least three hours, but there were periods of sun. This gave me the chance to stop at quaint historical town called Port Gamble.
There are lots of small shops selling anything from ice cream to espresso to fruit and antiques. Above is an example of the architecture style of all the homes and storefronts. Each structure has a plaque giving a small snapshot of what it was used for during the towns heyday. I drove down main street parked my car and made my way towards the "General Store."
The home next to the general store caught my eye. It was empty, but beautiful and very big with ornate stained glass windows. I parked in front of it, and made my way towards the museum, but as I walked the steps toward the museum, I couldn't keep my eyes off of this home. So I turned towards and it and took some pictures:

Here is the first picture I took, and notice the sun glaring over the roof. I then came a bit close to see if I could a better picture using the home as shade. I then  too the next picture below:

Above was when I saw him. I saw a man, he was dressed in black and white. He had dark hair and looked as if he was in very nice clothing for his time. I always ask if there is anyone who wants to communicate with me and I have a few fleeting glimpses of towns folk, but this vision was very strong, and very clear. I proceeded to take more pictures thinking I would possible blog this experience, and then made my way down the street, and acted like a "tourist" verses a overly interested trespasser.
I walked down the street toward the flag pole, looked over at the water, and the spirit had followed me.

I was standing here when I turned around and saw him next to me. So I made my way back up the home. I tried to look in  the windows and see if there was anything or if the interior would trigger something. No such luck.

I then got in my car and sat down. He came and sat next to me, and it was at that point that I was nervous he would follow me home. But no. He had a story he wanted told. I sat and tried to "listen." He was a gentleman in every sens of the word, high moral code, extreme social graces, and very respectful about how to treat females. He was showing me a vision of a female, and how much he respected her, and yes, courted her. My description of him would be a turn of the century "people person." It is times like this, that I wish I could find the resolve to ask if I can go inside this home. I want to investigate inside. Above is a picture taken from the street, but it is actually the back of the home. The front of the home faces the water in order to welcome the crews of ships.Hopefully some day I will, and get to know more of that spirit, and his life.There is a plaque that gives a history of this home, and after some research the was also a movie filmed there as well.

Update: This location was chosen to film a movie called Squatter. Please click on  the link below to see what the actors have experienced paranormal wise, and how this home is known to be haunted by the community.

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